2 weeks after Gastrostomy

Our second week hasn’t been so great. Projectile vomiting, infection and a trip back to Southampton hospital to have stitches taken out early.

The undressed wound was leaking and weeping a lot and getting more red, then we were getting green gunk and the stitches looked very loose. A trip to both Frimley Park Hospital and Southampton General Hospital to see the surgical nurse later and Willow’s gastrostomy is minus stitches, it’s now covered on a dressing and supported and she has antibiotics. Her body basically rejected the stitches, hence the infection. That was 10 days post operation.


I’m not sure why the surgeon likes this particular method where the monarch is sewn in because apparently of the 30 operations done this way, 28 of the stitches were out before the 6 weeks were up.

Not sure why she’s vomiting again, I’m wondering if it’s just her stomach adapting. Or perhaps an increase in her meds for reflux is needed.

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