A FBexit after Brexit

I woke up in the early morning of Friday 24th June and picked up my phone to see what the country had decided, were we to be in or out of the European Union.

It was not the result I’d hoped for, it was not the result most free-thinking intelligent people had hoped for, but it was what we got.

Facebook was going crazy, people were getting pretty horrid, what became clear was that so many of the votes to leave were for racist, xenophobic, bigoted reasons and it saddened me so much. Many other votes to leave were from people who really didn’t understand the system, didn’t understand what leaving the European Union would mean to them and to the rest of the United Kingdom.

I had enough. I’d been thinking of breaking away from Facebook for a bit anyway and it was just the excuse I needed.

So, I removed the app from my phone, letting my Facebook friends know how to contact me should they want to, a handful got in touch to give me their details that I didn’t already have.

I have to say, it’s been refreshing. I’ve shared pictures with individuals rather than the masses and had more one to one conversations with people I care for than I have in a while.

I’ve still dipped in to Facebook, I use the Facebook messenger and I get some notifications, but it not being my first port of call is proving to be a healthy move for me. Time for a more personal focus as we decide upon big changes in our lives.

It seems I’m not alone, several friends have told me they’ve done likewise.

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