Back online after house move

It’s been a funny couple of months, while I’ve been without a mobile with decent internet we’ve moved house and I’m now 31 weeks pregnant.

Chops continues to grow in body and mind and as he approaches two years old I’m seeing more and more of his wonderfully strong will (which is trying at times, to say the least, especially with pregnancy hormones rushing around!). Wiggles also continues to grow, we now know she’s Miss Wriggles, which is mighty cool, that’s not to say another boy wouldn’t be of course.

Loving the new house despite it being in utter turmoil and us still having an obstacle course of boxes everywhere, but really love the garden, ad does our little man. The joy of seeing him running around the grass is worth all the effort of moving house 7 months pregnant, in a heartbeat.

Oh, but we’re now at the end of week 3 with no cooker, NOT COOL! I hate microwaves but the one that usually lives in the loft is in use on my kitchen side. Between that and the slow-cooker we’re doing ok, but I’m so sick of slow-cooked food you would not believe. There might have been a takeaway or two involved too.

I’ll leave this post with my current view.


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