Camping Revisited : Part 2

It’s 2am. It’s cold. Thing 2 is stirring, threatening to poo. Did I mention it’s cold?

However, here is a little of how our evening went in pictures.

Off camping with a full car and happy kids

Car packed, roof full, kids in. Good times

Tent out and pegged down

Arrive at the lovely campsite in Farleigh Wallop, a place we haven’t even driven past in 16 years since we lived here. Tent out and pegged down, it’s windy!

Heavy duty tent pegs

Impressive tent pegs

Putting tent pegs in

What a difference two years makes, Thing 1 was previously only playing at helping, I have pictures of him in this pose from about 11 months old, copying Daddy, but he was actually properly helping this time. Though time was ticking on, we were all getting hungry…

Center pole going up

The center pole going up, can you tell what it is yet?

I should say at this point, it was bloody windy. It was bloody windy and we for away about an hour later than planned. And the glorious sunshine has fine behind a sky full of clouds.

Thing 2 and I were mostly chilling out in the car, me constantly admiring her beautiful new hair cut. I mean, how could you not?

New haircut

What a beauty

Back to what was happening outside.

More pegging down!

More pegging down!

Putting the inner compartment in, ie our mammoth bedroom.

Putting the inner compartment in, ie our mammoth bedroom.

For those who haven’t guessed it, or haven’t a clue what it is, our new tent is a 6m bell tent from Boutique Camping. Several friends have Bells, we appear to have joined a bit of a cult.

Kids inside the tent

We are out of the car and in the tent. It’s lovely and warm.

There’s so much space! Very pleased we listened to friends and went for the bigger one.

Two queen size inflatable beds, side by side

Good job too, did I mention the triple height twin Queen size airbed combo?

Bell tent from Boutique Camping

It’s late, we need a fire to make food, bunting can wait till tomorrow, but we are in.

It’s a beautiful location, this is Inwood camping, we decided to camp in the big field rather than in the woods, but behind me is the woods, including a great little composting loo. We even saw a deer on the way in.

Team Taylor finally get some food

Grubs up!

Marshmallows on an open fire

No good having a fire without marshmallows #smores

Selfie by the fire

Obligatory selfie by the fire

The Manor house up the road, Farleigh House, who used to be our landlords, are having a garden fair tomorrow, think we might go there for lunch. Before that, the boys are in the morning doing an intro to bushcraft activity here in the woods!

Now 3am, I’ve had a pee in a bucket during the writing of this and Thing 2 is still stirring on and off. And she now has cooks hands because she refused to let me cover them with a blanket unless she’s absolutely sound asleep. Mittens in bed for her tomorrow!

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