Camping Revisited : Part 3 – The Bell Tent and the Woods

We took our Bell out her first outing just down the road to Inwood Camping in Basingstoke. Inwood is a Camping Unplugged site and Mr T declared it his best camping trip ever! We will definitely try some of the other camping unplugged sites out. After that first cold night, us girls went to buy more warmth while the boys went on a bushcraft introduction activity at Inwood, which they loved.

They went for a walk through the woods and tasted lots of food found in the woods, delicious wood sorrel, young beech leaves, violets and something that we talked about a lot was the primrose, none of use knew that you could eat the entire thing. Of course, edible and palatable are very different things! Thing 2 and I were treated to our own walk when we got back and the boys taught us what they’d learnt.

That was interesting but the most interesting part was Thing 1 learning how to make fire. Back at our camp he spent most of the afternoon practising and made his own little fire on which he cooked some marshmallows for us all 🙂



Woodland showers at Inwood

Inwood is such a lovely campsite, as the name suggests, it really is camping unplugged but there were very clean composting toilets, a few of which are new this year, and Mr T had a wonderful woodland shower, shower in the woods with an open roof.

Tent visible from the woods

Beautiful location in the woods

There was also a little shop selling camping basics and we were one of two parties camping in the Big Field. You could also camp in the woods in lots of different places but we decided it would be too dark for this early in the year, maybe next time! Nonetheless, we camped right next to the woods and had the whole area to ourselves to explore.

It was a semi-successful first camping trip, camping with campervan is not the same and there were things we forgot about camping, namely how cold it gets at night! We’re camping again in a few weeks, again without power, so we will sort out a few things before then:

  1. Insulation under the air mattresses so the cold from the ground doesn’t come up through and chill us to the bones
  2. Insulation between the mattress and us, a duvet/thicker sleeping bag
  3. Warmer clothes!
  4. Carpets and rugs throughout the tent, we need more sheepskins
  5. Quick blast of the portable heater in the evening before bed and in the morning when the first person gets up.

We all love our new tent, it really is beautiful and we can’t wait to camp again and glam her up inside a bit. more lights! More rugs! More bunting!

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