Couch to 5k : week 1, day 1

I’m in my late thirties and I haven’t intentionally ran since I was at school and I wasn’t a big fan then! In fact, I’m not a huge fan of exercise at all 😉

But, I’ve started hearing myself breathing/panting after just running upstairs so time to do something about it! My weight is a big factor, too, after losing over 4 stone last year, I’ve pretty much found out all again.

Quite a few friends have done the couch to 5k and I’ve been thinking of trying it for months, I’ve looked at the apps but used my old phone as an excuse, so I promised myself that I would install it as the first app on my new phone.

And I did. Then, after school drop off, I popped in to TK Maxx and bought myself a pair of trainers (nope, didn’t even own a pair of trainers any more). Then I came home and hauled my fat, and getting fatter, arse out the front door, started the app, turned on some music and I bloody well did it.


I was utterly knackered by about the 4th 60 second run, then the voice said, “you are now half way”, then, “this is run 6 of 8”, I was on the home run, I had this, I was going to do it.

I ignored the various workmen and the fishermen I encountered on my run (ha, did you hear that, “my run”, if you’d have seen me you wouldn’t exactly call it a run, lol, more plodding in a running style by this point), I got a big genuine smile and a well done from a lovely lady out walking her dog when I explained to her, “I’ve got to do something”, though.

And I did, I got home feeling like I had run a marathon and incredibly proud of myself.

Here’s my end of run selfie. I was deep breathing and honestly exhausted as I approached the cool down.


But I did it! #thisgirlcan #heyfattybumbum #ificanyoucan #c25k

Three times a week for 30 minutes, here I come.

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