Extended breastfeeding is NORMAL

Ok, so in the UK this isn’t the case but for most of the rest of the World, it is.

There is a fantastic summing up of the benefits of breastfeeding past one year old on the kellymom website, makes for a very interesting read.

Last week research in Ireland revealed that breastfeeding  gives educational advantage to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, as reported in the Irish Medical Times.

When I read aloud yet another study about the benefits of breastfeeding, Mr Fee declared if he were in charge of the country he would make breastfeeding mandatory, no formula to be on sale, if you want it you have to have medical reason and get it on prescription 🙂

Sadly the formula companies are way too powerful for that, they have a lot of money and money is power in this corrupt World.

But that aside, I am a lucky Mama to have such a fabulous partner in life.

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