First food down the tube

A momentous day in our household, Wriggles has just had her first solid food!

We all had mango & banana smoothies for breakfast, W included 😀 I whizzed up the mango and banana with a bit of yoghurt and took a bit (about 15ml) out for W before adding cows milk to the rest for us .

I diluted Wriggles’ in breastmilk to 35ml and had to plunge it down her ng-tube. So far so good, not even a rumbly tum that we often get, it’s only been half an hour though 🙂

Feels really good for her to be having some solids added to her diet, Chops had been eating for a month by now and was eating everything we put in front of him (we dud baby-led weaning with him, total opposite!).

Our smoothie maker blender is NOT going to be up to the job of whizzing more difficult items, however, will give the stick blender a try with dinner tonight.

We’re going to start slowly with a little for breakfast and a little for dinner, of what we’re having.

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