Homemade Christmas Challenge

I’m going to see how much we can make for Christmas this year.

In years past we’ve made hampers of homemade goodies for people, it became a bit of a thing, but I think this year we will try and go a step further.

In the words of the great Beautiful South, the World is turning Disney, well not in this house. This will be our first EVER Christmas in our own home and I can’t wait. That is if it happens, we’ve always travelled to parents for the day itself, taking it in turns each year (one lot are just under 2 hours up the road, the others are just under 6!), but regardless of where we spend the day, Christmas has always meant being on the road. Big fat BOO.

Our little man will be 16 months old do won’t get it but we can at least start some traditions.

A biggie I think has to be not to have a Disney Christmas.

P is going to be making A a farmyard hopefully, we are going to buy him some beautiful Ostheimer wooden animals for it, ay least a start to the collection anyway.

I am going to make him some Christmas PJs with my new found sewing skills and we can carry on my tradition of Christmas day spent in your new PJs 🙂

I think Christmas fairy cakes, or perhaps even mini Christmas cakes for friends.

I wanted to make tea towels to wrap gifts in but getting the fabric appears to be a bit of a chore. I was thinking I could just cut and hem some pretty thin linen into two towel sizes but finding the right material isn’t easy. I love using presents to wrap presents in, doesn’t get better than that for us.

First up is the whip to get P started on the farm, he’s going to build it and I’m going to paint it.

I think I need a list.

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