Kids Clothes Making Challenge : Day 3 – Jersey Waistband


To say that I am ridiculously pleased with myself is an understatement. A few days ago I hadn’t sewn more than a tutu in 10 years and very little before that, noddy projects at school and now I’ve made a pair of jeans for my son out of my old jeans and old t-shirts.

I’m reveling in my glory now because when he has the final trying on tomorrow there will no doubt be some flaw in their wondrousness 🙂 Actually, you know what, there won’t because even if it turns out I’ve sewn it upside down it too tight, it whatever, the pleasure has been in the fact I can make clothes.

While sewing the most complicated thing I have ever sewn tonight (stretching the t-shirt material to fit the waist of the denim) I realised it makes me feel like a proper Mum. I won’t be daunted by requests of, “Mum, I’m an alien from planet Gruub in the play, can you make me a costume”, nor will I feel the need to buy extortionate polyester Halloween outfits made in China.

Yep, I feel liberated and I think that’s why I feel do proud! Well done me.

Will add a better pic tomorrow, even if it’s a comedy one of a small boy in silly Simon Cowell trousers or something 🙂

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