Mother’s Day


Since I was around 26 and started trying to conceive a child of our own, Mother’s day took on a totally different perspective. After 5 years trying for a baby unsuccessfully, Mother’s Day for me had become one of the shittiest days of the year. Each passing year got worse. I was happy for my friends who had by then started a family and were enjoying the love on Mother’s day but I was incredibly sad for myself.

Then I was lucky enough to become a Mother and Mother’s Day became special to me too. But I never forget how sad a day it was when I thought I was not going to experience being a mother myself.

Because of that, Mother’s Day for me is also a time for reflecting on those in the World who have a desire to be a Mum but for whom it hasn’t happened, yet or at all. I remember how it felt and respect those around me in my virtual World who might be in the same place themselves this year. Don’t get me wrong, I will probably post a picture of me with my babies in celebration of Mother’s day, hell I’m hoping for lie-in, I might brag about that of my Facebook! But I also have in mind those who desire what we have and those who have lost what we have.

A friend posted a great blog post in the week about Mother’s day, from the perspective of a special needs Mum. This lady has been in the special needs community for 2 years longer than me, she’s seen more Mummy’s lose their children and her HIE baby was her first so didn’t get the same Mother’s Days I get with Chops, so I want to uphold what she suggests about Mother’s day.

Let’s make it a true day of celebration.  Let’s celebrate ourselves, and each other. 
Let’s embrace all that makes us wonderful – without relying on other people to tell us that we are.

(The Bear and The Bug)

If you are a mother or not, if you are a mother to a child who can’t tell you they think you are the best Mum in the World, if you have lost a child , if you wish beyond all things that you could have a child of your own, if you just wish Mothers day would bugger off into oblivion, be kind to yourself today and be kind to those around you who might not be on the same journey as you.

I celebrate being a Mother today, I celebrate being the most important person in the lives of two little people, I celebrate being Woman.

And a big Happy Mother’s Day to my wee Mammy, the woman who taught me how to be a great Mum by being a Great Mum.

One last little message…


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