Mother’s Guilt

Our little man has been a bit out of sorts today and in the night, he was waking roughly every 2-3 hours and chomped and scratched me several times, and has had a little violent streak about him all day, so I was wondering what I wasn’t providing for him to make him behave like this.

Was my milk dipping in the night so that he was waking instead of feasting then dropping off? Am I pregnant? Is he not getting enough stimulus, either mental or physical? What am I doing wrong?

I hope the answer is nothing because I found a few little ridges of his second molar coming through on the top above his first wchich is also still coming through.

I’m ignoring the behaviour and just hope it goes away as the teeth come through, though I’ve already been advised to bite him back so he knows it hurts! I politely said that that was the worst thing you could do ad it teaches them it’s ok to bite, though if it were to continue I can are how you would ne tempted, OUCH!

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