Night Parenting a Severely Disabled Child

When you have a baby, nights can be tough. Baby wakes lots and you don’t go into that full deep sleep because you’ve got half an ear out for baby stirring for milk. After a few months everybody gets into their groove, baby can roll towards their Mama and find her breast and Mama becomes expert at feeding baby lying down. Both become totally in-tune to each other’s waking. That’s how it worked here anyway, the all night buffet was open and I got great sleep, I’d help chops latch on and back to sleep I’d go.

When your baby is born with disability, they won’t necessarily communicate in the same way, those early nighttime months of not really going into real sleep are life. You sleep with your ears open, listening for choking because your baby doesn’t swallow therefore pools saliva at the back of their throat, they become bunged up and need suctioning.

It’s a different life, but I’m ever thankful for it, and thankful that our disabled baby came after we found our feet in attachment parenting. Yes, our baby sleeps in a sleep system in a cot, but the cot is attached to our bed and from when she wakes for suction in the early hours, she comes in with us to snuggle back to sleep.

As Chops sleeps with us too, it’s a wonderful thing having a child in each armpit and a husband’s feet touching your feet, he’s snuggling the other side of Chops, who sleeps in the middle. Oh, and more often than not there’s also Cat involved sonewhere too

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