Recycling Challenge

Every single day of Willow’s life we throw away a plastic bottle and a tube called a giving set.


Every day. Every day the bottle goes into the recycling and the tube goes into the bin.

I’ve often thought there must be another use for the tube, irrigation in the garden has been our main thought but we haven’t had the time or energy to come up with something.

I thought I would pass the challenge over to you! What can you come up with? How can you reuse this tube? The bottle is easier, of course, but the tube is so specific to it’s use.


It has a short end, which goes to the hanging bottle full of whizzed up food or milk, then a long end that goes to Willow via another tube called an extension set. The extension set is reused for a week.

The hairpin part in the middle goes around the pump motor to push the food through, you can do it manually by squeezing the middle.

Get one from Paul or myself and have a play, what can you come up with?

We used to be so passionate about conserving our planet’s resources and would reduce, reuse, recycle whenever we could but when Willow came along with all her extra tubes and bottles and syringes that go straight to landfill, it all went pit the window, but we have to pull back, we only have one Earth and we need to do all we can to preserve and protect it.

Yesterday we got a sentence of 5 more years under a Tory government. This is terrible news for many people but it’s also terrible news for the environment. We can’t do anything about that but we can continue the green surge that started to spread through the land. 1.1 million people voted Green in the general election. We want change, our country NEEDS change, we don’t need to wait for our government to do this, the time is now, the time is here, we can make a change if enough people want it.

And back to one little girl’s waste, after a slight detour around my mind, it’s one small step in our household but we have to start somewhere and get back to the ideals we used to feel so passionately about.

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