Special Needs Family Participation

This week our family was turned upside down again, in a very good way. For the first time, Willow has been able to join in with some everyday activities, thanks to two different seats arriving, the Firefly GoTo seat support by Leckey and the Tumbleform.

First came the GoTo, this amazing product has allowed Willow to swing on a swing at the park and to sit next to her big brother in a shopping trolley! She has been more involved in play with Chops because she’s down at her level in the other new arrival, something we have been searching for for months but Physio didn’t think the Tumbleform would offer her enough support. It does and we love it.


Siblings doing what regular siblings do, sitting next to each other in a shopping trolley

For a while we’ve been trying to find a way of our two kids interacting more in a natural way, well these new products are the answer, yesterday Willow sat in her tumbleform train carriage as Chops drove the train, they went to ‘Lonndin’ to the museums together!


Chops and Willow head to London on the train

She can do so many more things now and be much more a part of normal family life, special needs family participation at it’s finest, we walked around the supermarket yesterday and although I wanted to shout from the rooftops how wonderful this was, nobody was looking at us maybe for the first time since W was born, we were a normal family, thank you Leckey for Firefly, can’t wait to see the other products you come up with!

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