Thursday soup: Carrot and turnip soup with cumin and walnut sprinkles


Good strong stock
Turnip (or Swede if you’re a Southerner)
1tsp cumin seeds
Couple of walnuts

Make your stock from whatever you have (we used mutton bones and leeks mostly this week), don’t forget bay leaves and pepper.
Chop your carrot and turnip into 1cm ish pieces and boil in the stock for about an hour.
Pinch of my good friend smoked paprika might be nice added here, but I didn’t because I over use the stuff.
Give it a quick whiz, I aim for the parsley and get whatever gets in the way at the same time.
Meanwhile, or while the kids portion is cooling, dry fry some cumin seeds for sprinkling over the top with the walnuts.

Family verdict?

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