Toddler bonding with baby during pregnancy

I’m lying here grinning in a way only a parent grins as my unborn child kicks my toddler as he sleeps on my tummy.

It seems since Chops has been aware of the baby, he often sleeps with his head on my growing bump, the first time he did it I admit I had a bit of a moment when Wriggles reacted to his snoring/heartbeat by really flipping around in there, it was the most amazing, heartwarming moment that my two children were almost united for the first time, a moment I will never forget.

Since then it’s happened a lot, Chops will lay his head on bump in his sleep and Wriggles will react instantly, like they know he’s there. It got us thinking about their bonding and it really must help that deep connection.

So much fun ahead for our little family, it’s amazing to think that two and a half years ago we didn’t think we would ever have children (I have PCOS) and here we are halfway through our pregnancy with our second child! Int life brilliant?

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