A Year Missed

It’s been almost a year since I last blogged, A YEAR! It’s been a bit busy, so do excuse me, I’ve been trying to focus on life and living it. That said, a year is pretty poor. I’ve thought of picking up the pen again, so to speak, but then time passed and the gap got bigger and starting again seemed harder.

A year in our lives, what’s happened? My beautiful babies turned 4 and 2 and my beautiful husband turned 40!

I’ve joined Slimming World and lost 4 stone, Chops has started school, Miss W has started preschool, we’ve had our first respite weekend at Shooting Star Chase and about to have our second!

W has gone from standing in her stander for 5 to 10 minutes to being happy as Larry for 30 minutes most days, I’ve been doing Operation Get Willow Standing, she continues to show the World that she’s Totally Awesome.


W enjoying standing in her Jenx Monkey Stander

She is loving school, and they are loving her. We are hoping she’ll get to try the Tobii Eye gaze this week, I think she’s going to rock it. In other enormous news,she us off oxygen! At 22 months old, to the sunny day, we took her off and despite Winter and chest infections, she’s stayed off. She has her first mobile seating and we all love it because it’s clearly very comfortable for her. I still carry her in the sling from time to time but she’s mostly in her chair now as it’s so much better for her posturally. We’ve gone through several sleep systems and I don’t think we’ve found the one but it’s the best so far.

Chops started reception in September, being an August baby he’s one of the youngest, and he is finding the social side of a class of 30 kids challenging, the school and teachers are fantastic, however, he’s been eased in slowly and still only stays until 12pm on a Thursday and Friday. Academically, one term in and he can read and write!


Chops getting Star of the Week for his Maths work.

It’s unbelievable really. Parents consultation this afternoon so we will see how he’s doing this term, though we keep in close contact with his lovely teacher and doing half days gives us a bit of time to chat when there’s no other parents around.

He is, however, THAT child. He’s struggled with friendship issues, he went to school with his best buddy but his best buddy knew other children from preschool and it’s all been a bit confusing all round. He’s had an OT (occupational therapist) assessment and has hypermobility, which explains a lot if the sensory seeking behaviours and also the heavy handedness wiyh us and other children at school, he doesn’t have the same spacial awareness of his own body as a lot of other children but putting a few things in place for him at home and school have made a big difference. And, you know what? The kid has plenty to deal with being the sibling of a severely disabled little girl. We try hard for it not to impact his life, but it is his life, the added stressed to his Mummy and Daddy alone have an impact. We ger home respite once a fortnight from Shooting Star Chase and we make that Mummy and Arthur time and it’s the mist precious 3 hours I have. 3 hours once a fortnight sounds like very little but what a difference that makes to us.

In our wider family things aren’t so hot, my Daddy has terminal cancer and his Alzeimers has galloped at the same time so he forgets. My little Mammy is his carer and has it hard right now. My sister is going through a lot too and I wish we lived closer to them both that I could support them both better.

So a mixed bag of a year, aren’t they all? Oooh, we are off to France in a few weeks though, kids first time abroad, we are going by ferry and staying at the wonderful Eco Gites of Lenault, it looks fantastic, we’ve had it in our sights for years but until W came of o2, leaving the country would just be a bit of a mission, one we would have taken eventually but thankfully she’s off oxygen support and we can do it easy streets 🙂

Well, there we are, the reopening post!

I’ll add a photo of us when we are better dressed, and when it’s more than just me awake, after two nappy changes and a vomitous change of clothes this night, my little lady is now snoring on my chest, my little curly bobbins is snuggled up next to me, wrapped in his Daddy’s big strong arms.

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  1. nice to see you writing again 🙂

    sorry so much is going on, keep plodding onwards. Love your attitude and I am in awe of the weight loss!