Aah to be almost 3

What a week. I’m putting the aggressive emotions down to the supermoon as all the other kiddies seem to be suffering simular, so hopefully it’s all up from here.

It may well be coincidental and a load of crap but Chops has not been his usual self this week, his jutting jaw that was something he did from early on in aggressive behavior but hasn’t done for more than 6 months, has returned.

It’s culminated in him being shouted at for ignoring us asking him to stop bouncing on the bed (behind me, I had a just fed W who has a propensity to chundering after food).

I know fine well that he was just after attention though, and tomorrow he’s going to get it as we’re off to Steam in Swindon on our way to Brainwave in Bridgwater and it’s going to be Mummy, Mummy, Mummy all the way 🙂

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