Here we are at Brainwave

We decided to bring Willow to the Brainwave Centre, their tagline is unlocking children’s potential, we know our baby girl has potential and we’re not prepared to sit back and see what happens, ‘time will tell’ can bugger off.

We’re staying in one of their bungalows in Somerset ready for W’s assessment tomorrow, we’re filled with anticipation of what’s to come, it feels hugely positive to be here at last, it feels like we’re actually doing something.

And the bungalow is ideal, the patio doors of the lounge lead to a joint garden with swings and slide, all fenced in, we’re trying to make a holiday of the trip for Chops and that helps a lot.

So, watch this space, what will be will be but we’re really excited to hear and see what the Brainwave therapists have to say and to learn the programme they’re going to suggest for her to achieve her best potential, and also to hear what they think she’s capable of achieving, what that potential might be. That might not be the case, we’ll find out tomorrow!

Sitting here has also focussed our minds in fundraising, time to get some ideas flowing.

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