Breastfeeding to Sleep

A concern has been raised to us that our son does not self-settle. Why it’s a concern is beyond us, but apparently we are going to have a tough job ahead of us.

It yet again comes back to the same old thing, we should be letting him cry! What is particularly upsetting isn’t that they think that’s what you do with children, I understand that’s what a lot of parents both part and present misguidedly believe, it’s that we have explained why we don’t so many times and they think so little of our opinion that they totally ignore it. It’s a lot easier to go on fooling yourself than it is to see another opinion or admit you might have been misguided, that goes for many walks of life, not just parenting, you only have to look at the many people who follow a religion because that’s what their parents did to see that in practice.

I digress. Our child is being given the chance to self-wean, which means he will choose when he stops having Mummy milk, not me or his Dad and certainly not anyone outside that circle. And when he does, he will also be ready to go to sleep without the warm comfort of his beloved milk.

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