Tandem Nursing Adventure Begins

I doubt anyone I know who doesn’t already know will read this and anyone who does is only finding out a week early. We’re having another baby! Yeyyy!

I’m possibly 11 weeks pregnant but had what with hindsight was probably spotting in December, the scan in a week or two will tell. Either way, tandem nursing has begun 😀

It’s already bringing with it some changes, at first DS was feeding A LOT, so much that I thought he had a little bug, little did I know I was pregnant! Then the nipple tenderness came and although bfing in general has been ok, his latch felt so aggressive, and his nipple twiddling got much worse at night.

At 10 weeks pregnant I was thinking we were going to have to night wean because I was finding myself really tetchy at his feeding in the night, which I would normally sleep through, and his little hand constantly searching to seek out my other nipple AAAAAAH.

But, as if by some magic, for the last two nights my night feeder has gone 8 hours straight without feeding! Ok, it’s only two nights, but it’s the first two nights he has EVER slept through. Most of it in my arms, but not nursing.

I suspect what is happening is that my supply has dropped, I feel that it has, though there is still milk if I squeeze a bit, so he’s been trying to stimulate that by tweaking and stroking and extra feeding but it’s not doing any good so he’s cuddling up instead and having one big morning feed.

While I have been feeling guilty about that, I’m also relieved that he seems to be night weaning in his own natural way.

To be continued…

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