Comparing babies at 6 months old

At 6 months old, Chops was sitting up unaided very well and well on his way to crawling (which he did at 7.5 months), munching his way through every foodstuff we put in front of him 🙂 He was always quite an advanced little man in most ways.

W at 6 months is very much still a newborn, you couldn’t mistake her cerebral palsy. She isn’t close to sitting unaided, physio doesn’t think she will, but you can now sometimes sit her on your knee without her totally flopping and her head control has come on immensely. She still flops it sometimes but she recovers it and lifts it back up.

As for food, I put a piece of tomato to her lips today to let her feel the cold sensation and I thought she might get a modicum of taste but she pulled a funny face at me that was undeniably, “ger that away from me” 🙂

I’m not one for comparing kids, they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but comparing my two children is fascinating and I hope might also help another parent looking at their cerebral palsy/HIE baby and wondering what’s normal for them.

Down the line I hope it might give us something to reflect back on too, that too helping parents of babies similar to W see what might be.

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