How to Soothe a Crying Baby when Boob and Rocking are no Good

Your baby is crying and you can’t do the natural thing to do, put her on the breast or have a little dance/rock. What do you do?

She’s almost 6mo and although she has her problems, she’s still a baby underneath with normal baby business going on! The difference is that where I would have popped Chops on the breast for food or comfort, Wiggles can’t breastfeed and I can’t get any more Mummy milk into her without her throwing up, despite her being behind where she should be today.

She finds being rocked or danced very disturbing due to vision and hearing difficulties, so I’m left with very little in my faithful arsenal.

Then I stop trying to soothe by traditional methods and listen hard to what she’s telling me. She has wind or she’s tired. I suspect both.

Back rubbing and patting aren’t cutting the mustard in the sling so out she comes, I hoy her over my shoulder and pat again. No wind up or down but she seems to settle for now. The crying has stopped at least.

I find myself gently swaying, the way Mother’s do without consciousness, while lullabying, it seems to settle her at last!

It got me thinking how much we take for granted being able to settle a baby at the breast or with a boogie and a good rocking yet so many parents ignore these basic techniques because they have some misguided idea that they’re spoiling their baby or that they must learn to self-soothe. What a load of utter shite.

And now she’s almost asleep.

Meanwhile, Chops is in the painting box! Oh dear…


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