Thoughts turn to Spring

As I lie here feeding little Willow her middle of the night feed while she slumbers on my chest in the glow of fairy lights from her sidecar cot, my thoughts turn to Spring. I love Spring and everything about it but I particularly love the promise of another year potential in the vegetable garden.

We grew no veg at all last year because we were selling our house, we moved on 1st June, I was 7 months pregnant and didn’t get around to getting anything in the ground. When we moved here we said we’d give it a year before touching the garden so we could see how it was through the seasons. The answer is wet! It needs drainage.

We’ve got plans for three raised beds to one side with cordon fruit trees against the fence in-between. We already have a pear, so we’ll add to that a plum and an apple and perhaps try for something more exotic like a kiwi seen as we’re pretty warm here.

The raised bed needs to be accessible. It’s pretty likely that Wriggles will be in a wheelchair so we’re designing with that in mind. It’s also likely she’ll have sensory problems due to being hearing and visually impaired so we need to make sure there are plenty of smells and textures among the permanent planting. We know she can see light so we’ll look at adding lights further down the line.

For now, however, my thoughs are on this year and what veg we’ll grow together! First thing I’ll do is look through seed catalogues and check through all my old seeds to see what we’ve got, then I’ll make umpteen lists and draw several plans, then I’ll change ny mind and repeat 🙂 Eventually I’ll order way too many seeds, most if which will sit unused or I’ll miss the planting times 🙂

No. This year will be different! Off to check out Real Seeds…one of my seed companies of choice.

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