Finding your WHY when trying to lose weight

It matters. It matters a LOT.

I lost my way a few months ago, on my weight loss journey, I questioned Herbalife, questioned the products, the plan, myself, single-use plastic use and Plastic Free July gave me the excuse to stop.

I’d reached a plateaux, hadn’t lost any weight for a few months, I was happy in my own skin, happy creeping down into a size 16 instead of creeping up into a size 26.

But I also stopped the other daily habits, didn’t exercise, started eating crisp snacks grabbed from the garage instead of protein snacks planned in advance.

Then getting out of bed in the morning got harder again, I had no energy again.

But an incentive of a holiday got me back on a challenge and back on plan. And why? Because I really, really would like to take my little family on holiday. Not camping, as we usually do, a no-effort holiday. £800 holiday vouchers were up for grabs. So I sucked it all up, decided I’d find a use for the plastic tubs and just go for it.

I absolutely gave it 100%. Even gave up my much loved G&T for the first 19 days!

I felt better within days, which I knew I would, and fell back in love with the whole programme. I was up before Miss W most mornings to do some exercise!!

And I also got a visual result. But it felt almost secondary against how I was feeling, where my head is again. That’s the top prize.

I’ve got muscles coming through again!

However, it wasn’t until this morning, day 23/21 day challenge when I did a fab dance workout with The Fitness Marshall that I realised what my WHY was again and why I’d be plodding along for those few months instead of smashing it.

I took a sweaty selfie at the end of the workout, with my little spectator, and she happened to look round at me so I looked at her and this picture happened.

This little treasure and her big brother are my WHY. They were my reason for getting fit when I started last May but once I got to a reasonable weight and fitness, I started thinking that I was my why.

But I’m not, it has to be them. I don’t care enough about myself, despite best efforts. I want to and know I should, but I can’t do this for me.

And by doing it for them, I AM doing it for me. It’s a circle.

We’re doing a five day focus in our little Fee’s Fit Tribe this week, in the lead up to the next challenge starting at the weekend. In search of the real, deep, meaningful WHY because without it results aren’t as good.

So find your WHY! I can help guide you, if you like, but find it!

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