Global Developmental Improvement

Those are the words you want to hear at a clinical checkup!

W is 8 months old, now gaining weight well and most importantly giving us the occasional beautiful whisper of a smile, she smiled for her paediatrician who was amazed and said he never expected her to do that! She was interacting with him, giving him a little chat back, generally charming him as she charms everyone.

She had an ecg to check her heart too, came back ‘normal’ 🙂 Not often we get to hear normal, so that’s nice.

W has started sweating quite a bit but this is also normal for babies with cp, it relates to her central nervous system and temperature control, something we will need to get used to.

I can’t begin to tell you what a difference little smiles have made, my goodness, they are very little smiles but definitely there. To know that your child is happy enough to smile fills our heart, and that she’s learnt to smile is something really amazing and to do this by 8 months is incredible.

Yet again our Willow surpasses expectations by the professionals surrounding her, go, Willow, go!

Her big brother is amazing too, what a kid, wherever we go he seeks out toys for Willow, toys he thinks she’ll like and she usually does!

In other important news, Willow hasn’t been sick, not in a big way, in around 3-4 weeks, since increasing her stomach emptying medication, which makes a big difference to everyone! It’s made car journeys a little easier though now we have a new issue in that she soaks the seat and herself with sweat as she gets so worked up. Lots of clothes, that’s the answer apparently 🙂

Go, Willow, Go, we say! Busy few months coming up as we’re heading to Great Ormond Street Hospital and Southampton Hospital for various tests and procedures. She’ll be having her eyes looked at, tummy looked at and hopefully her swallow assessed. We’ll also be taking her on her first holiday and her first festival!


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