Great British Seaside in the Garden

We were supposed to be travelling to the North East this week for a good friend’s wedding, the plan was to split the journey into three or more chunks of driving, staying overnight at my sister’s on the way up and having a seaside holiday in Scarborough on the way back. We didn’t get very far before we realised W couldn’t do the drive.

She was covered in sweat, heart rate through the roof and vomiting every 10 minutes or so. Let me tell you, no matter how much you want something, when your baby is that unhappy because of something you’re doing to them, you have to stop. We turned around and drove home. Chops had gone to sleep while driving, he was in his pyjamas as that was the plan, we got home and all went to bed, Wriggles took a while to calm down but was soon fast asleep in my arms.

Chops had been really looking forward to his seaside holiday and we’d all been looking forward to a holiday together so we decided we’d make the next few days a holiday from home 🙂

One thing we were going to do as we couldn’t go to the seaside, it’s over an hour to the nearest beach, was bring the seaside to us! We’d build our own seaside in the back garden!

The boys went off to buy as many bags of sand as they could fit on the trolley, a bucket and spade and a few other ‘seaside’ things. Meanwhile, Mummy bear here made some bunting.

We filled the corner of the lawn with the sand, made a rock pool in the builders tray, put the bunting up and got our feet in the sand.


Our friends marriage was 3:30pm, followed by afternoon tea so we celebrated with them with afternoon tea, it was going to be on the beach but the sun did not shine at the right time so a fun indoor picnic was had by all 🙂


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