Growing Up at Five

Little things make me realise how much my little boy is growing up. Last night we came to bed together, he was messing about and I was being grumpy because I felt awful, I have a stinking head cold, runny nose and sneezing, so he said he would hug me like I hug him usually, so he put his little arms around and under me and hugged so gently, it was so sweet. Those little soft arms, his little delicate body that I’ve held in my arms every day for the last 5 years, those little arms that have scratched, hit, poked me, even thrown stuff at me. As well as hugged me and stroked me.

He hugged for a while then took his arms out telling me I was a bit heavy and hugged big around the top instead and went to sleep 🙂

When he woke up this morning, he put his hand on my forehead and said I feel hot with a worried little expression on his face.

My little tornado is calming down, maybe that’s being 5. I’ve noticed a change in the last few weeks, a more logical and caring side coming out in him. He started Year 1 last week and although I haven’t heard very much about what has gone on, he’s clearly enjoyed himself.


Perhaps since we took him for his Sensory Assessment we have done things a little different, I don’t think we have, maybe I saw his behaviour and quirks in a different light.

We have had a rough few weeks as a family, we’ve spent time apart while we balance both children while Willow had been in hospital and dealing with Willow being poorly both before and after her surgery.

But I watch him in groups, standing back, taking it all in, my little thinker. We worry about our kids, always, it’s the nature of being a parent, but suddenly I see calm and the ability to talk things through and I like it.

The Tournedo will return but for today I’m enjoying the calm.

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