Outstanding Special Teaching Schools in England

Teaching-School-and-Ofsted-logo-for-websiteTeaching-School-and-Ofsted-logo-for-websiteOver the last few weeks we have been looking at the possibility of moving to another area. In that time, I have plotted all the ofsted rated outstanding special schools suitable for children with severe complex needs, physical and mental, which are also teaching schools, in England.

As this information wasn’t exactly straight forward to find in all cases, I thought I should share it with the World. I haven’t contacted all of these schools and sometimes I have used my own judgement on whether or not they would be suitable for a child with more complex needs, please contact the school directly if you need to know more.

edit: I’ve now added schools that have been recommended by other parents of children with physical disabilities in England.


Some non-teaching schools that I thought looked amazing might have crept in, too.


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