Happy days

Here I am lying on the sofa with Chops lying on top of me with a bare boob under his hand, keeping it close in case he stirs before he’s ready 🙂

What a fabulous life I have to be able to ignore the rest of the World (and the messy house) and be my son’s bed for a few hours.

He’s pretty much dropped one nap and is down to only one a day now, usually taking it between 12 and 2, so we’ve been having late lunches!

Thank-goodness for boobies though, when I think about it, he would be a very different child had he not been breastfed, don’t really want to think about that!

Anyway, I’m lying here thinking I must be one very lucky Mama bear. I have a beautiful child cuddled up to me, fast asleep, a loving husband who feels the same as I do on parenting and who goes to work every day to a job he isn’t overly keen on so that we can bring our child up as we would like to. That and it would probably drive gun loopy being at home with us all the time!

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