Spoonfeeding and junk food annoyance

I just had to have a rant. Ok, not everyone wants to trust their child enough to let them learn about food at their own pace, some people still spoon-feed (though why is beyond me, the only feasible reasons I can see is that you don’t want to eat healthily or that you can’t deal with mess of any kind…in which case, good luck for the next few years!), however, why two seemingly intelligent morbidly obese people would choose to shovel shit from jars into their babies at less than 5 months is totally beyond me. You see babies being spoonfed some vile looking gloop, baby propped up by pillows or arms, unable to sit aided nevermind unaided. So why are they setting their child up for the same thing?

I’m overweight, substantially overweight, but it makes me want my children to have a love of healthy food not a distaste for it.

I don’t know why I find it so offensive to see babies and children being fed rubbish afterall it’s buggerall to do with me, but I do.

The other thing that gets me is pictures of babies eating crisps, sweets and chocolate #horrified

I should honestly have not looked at Facebook over Easter with all the funny pictures of babies eating chocolate, some as a first food, I might have had slight sense of humour failure.

Hmm, I think my posts are in danger of becoming very ranty and extremely judgemental. Oh well. Perhaps my next post will be nice and fluffy.

PS: nearly posted this on my son’s blog that friends and family use, oops 🙂

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