Yes, I’m STILL breastfeeding

I visited my GP yesterday to discuss the having an IDU (coil) fitted and when I mentioned I was still breastfeeding she turned to Chops and said, “still breastfed, aren’t you a lucky boy?”, I smiled, what a lovely thing to say, while sad at the same time, why should he be considered lucky to ne breastfed at 13 months? Anyway, she then said, “just at night, I guess”. Erm, no. I then heard myself justifying still breastfeeding to my Doctor!

Good God, what was I doing! “Mostly at nap times” I hear myself saying, “about 6 times a day” qualified by, “In a 24 hour period”. I feel that look and the slightly awkward silence coming from her, then a change of subject. Why the hell was I feeling like a bit of a freak by my own doctor, who is a really lovely woman, btw, what will she be saying when he’s 2? Doesn’t she know how good for him it us, right up to 2 and beyond?

It’s the old ‘still breastfeeding’, ‘still sleeping with you’, ‘still not in a buggy’, still, still, still. Well, I believe to still be breastfed, sharing a bed with the people he loves most in the World, still being carried close to them, does make Chops a very lucky boy and anyone who thinks otherwise can jump because I don’t want the opinion of those people, I’ll stick with my happy hippy Mama’s thank-you very much.

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