Amber Teething Necklaces

Those who know me know that although I’m clearly a raving hippy Mama, I’m married to a Scientist and am not really into the whole spiritual side of what normally comes with hippydom. When I had a baby amber necklaces were suddenly being thrust in my face from all areas of my life, from the forums I frequent to my real life friends.

People who’s opinions I value highly were praising them, how they made such a difference to their baby. I looked into the reason they were said to work and decided that it kind of made sense that it could work in some way, but deep down I was thinking it was a load of crap.

The most common thing Mum’s who use them on their babies have said is that they noticed a difference between teeth that came through with and those that came through without. Ok, there may have been a difference but how do you know it was the necklace? Chops has reacted very differently with different teeth coming through, some coming through seemingly painless and others giving us weeks of sleepless nights, had I put him in an amber necklace I might well have been linking the two things in some way.

Then there’s a Mother’s need to feel like we’re somehow easing our child’s pain.

Anyway, we didn’t get one for Chops. I recently came across this blog post and thought it spot on:

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