Gentle Discipline and Peaceful, Positive Parenting

Our little man has really started expressing his will since turning one, which on one hand I love, but on the other I’m not sure how to best deal with his hissy fits when he doesn’t instantly get what he wants.

I don’t want to reward the whining for things behaviour by letting him have what it is he’s crying about (we always make sure there is good reason behind him not having things) but equally I don’t like to see him upset by it when he doesn’t understand.

Some reading required into any research and studies here I think.

We’re seeing my in-laws again this weekend, time to yet again bite my tongue, no doubt we’ll be told we just have to be firm and say NO.

Instinct tells me that the best approach is to gently tell him he can’t have it, using the ‘no’ sign, explain why not and then distract him. That’s what we’ve been doing so far anyway.

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