Time to reflect

Here I am sitting in the back of the Bongo (camper and my day to day vehicle, her name is Betty and she has little swooshes of flowers all over her, surprised, aren’t you? Hmm.)and I’m pondering how much extra time an AP parent must have to sit/stand and reflec

t, without worrying about what we could be doing with the time. What I’m doing with that time is being a parent, the best I can be.

I don’t feel the need to dash around getting stuff done while my baby sleeps, I feel the need to be with him or to sleep while he sleeps so I can effectively night parent him if he needs me.

So here I am, sitting in the back of Betty Bongo, having fed Art to sleep in a car park while doing some shopping, pondering putting him in his car seat and driving home. I decided not to, to instead keep him peacefully sleeping against his Mama’s warm comfy chest.

Mum’s seem to feel pressure to be Supermum, Superwife and Supercleaner all at the same time, but why?

Where does the pressure come from to be this all round S

uperbod? Is it society? Our partners? Our elders? Our peers? Perhaps it’s ourselves.

I’m aiming for good wife, scraping-the-barrel cleaner, Supermum 😀 But when peers are coming to visit I do seem to feel the need to clean the house, I don’t always succeed but I do feel a need. I guess like every other woman, I want to be superwoman!

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