Hearing at 4 months

W has her hearing aids! She’s reacting to sounds wonderfully, moving her head in the direction of the sound, mostly from her big brother, Chops 🙂

Interestingly, since they went in she’s relaxed so much and when they were taken out at bedtime last night she was really visibly unhappy about it, back arching and grumbling, until they went back in! Such an amazing reaction to her hearing, we’re so pleased. We’ll be waiting until she’ fully sleeping to take them off in future!


W hears at 17 weeks

Babies with HIE (hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy) can have a wide variety of problems and disabilities, so far we know for sure that our girl is severely deaf. We think she is visually impaired too, in fact I’ll be gobsmacked if she isn’t because she only reacts to very strong light and dark.

It feels like a big leap forward to at least know something of what future disabilities she’ll have and have her hearing level confirmed and dealt with. So, so, so amazing that she can hear us after so long!

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