Elf on the Shelf

It appears the latest Christmas craze to come across the pond is the Elf on the Shelf. At least it’s new in our circles.

The idea is that this Elf is sent from Father Christmas and he reports back each night if children have been good or bad. Now, that’s not to our parenting style at all, in our house all children are good though they might do things that aren’t very nice, but what does interest me are all the Elves jumping off their shelves and getting up to mischief, I do like s bit of mischief 🙂

We decided we’d make our own Elf on the shelf, they would still report back to FC each night, but on the comings and goings in the house in general.

In fact, we decided to make an Elf for each child. Here are our lovely Elves in their new home for Christmas.

Good old Fimo, I say. It took weeks of trying to find the time to finally fit in the making of these little guys.

No sooner had I finished them that Chops woke up and wanted moo milk, they had just come out of the oven so I knew they were on the side. We had to introduce them to each other because we knew he caught sight of them as we went in (as I was trying to hide them) and looked scared but didn’t have the words. He loves them! Big grins when we say hello.

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