Lardy bird feeder

With the snow outside, we’ve been thinking and talking about the birds and how they don’t have access to the ground to rummage for bugs and worms so decided to make some fat balls to hang outside for them.

Actually, we made Easter eggs because we had egg molds to hand.


DIY fat balls for birds

In our house, we gather up lard and other meat fats from cooking in a cup that sits by the cooker, we usually chuck it out when the cup gets full but this is a great use for it!

Basically, using a ratio of one part fat to two/three parts other stuff (nuts, seeds, bread, fruit), you:

– melt the fat
– stir in the other stuff
– half fill your mold with your mix
– lay wool/twine down the centre leaving ends sticking out either end
– fill your mold over the top of the twine
– refridgerate overnight (or pop it outside to harden if it’s cold out!
– tie your twine/wool ends together and hang it somewhere high for the birds.

Our fat balls (well, fat eggs, but that sounds wrong) are made up of bread broken into pieces by Chops, peanuts (monkey nuts broken out if their shell by Chops too) and a handful of sugar free muesli. Oats are good too. Don’t use anything with added sugar or salt, the birds won’t thank you!

It was a good way to discuss changing seasons and how the changes effect wildlife, and how we can help.

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