This Man of Ours

This man holds his little girl while she goes to sleep in his arms every single night, sometimes with tears from her, sometimes not, sometimes with tears from him. He then waits the half an hour it takes for her to go into a deep sleep and carries her upstairs into her little bed next to ours.

Despite it damaging his back, he will not stop because he says one day he won’t be able to do it, one day she will be too big and he will be too old, or worse.

Most nights this man watches his wife fall to sleep with his son in her arms then goes to spend an evening by himself, does the dishes, sorts out his girl’s overnight food and wastes time until midnight when he can give his little girl her last medicines of the day, move his little boy into his own bed and tell his wife she’s back on duty.

This man takes a sharp tongue from his wife, h’hem, from time to time, he, unbelievably, sometimes believes he isn’t good enough for his kids, but I want to tell This Man, Our Man, that he is our World. 

All men should aspire to be like this man, I hope one day my son can be every bit the man he is, if that happens this Mama will be a very happy woman.

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