Travelling abroad with a child with complex needs

The list is enormous. I’m a list writer, I always have been, it’s how I organise myself.

We’ve been away from home with W many times, its always pretty stressful making sure all her essentials are packed and with us. When I say essentials, I’m not talking toothbrush and nappies, or anything else you could reasonably expect to go and pick up in a supermarket or chemist if you forget it. Willow’s essentials are a but more essential than that, feeding tubes, syringes, spare gastrostomy button, suction pump, feeding pump, medicine, you get the picture. Forgetting some of Willow’s essentials are life-threatening and that’s not an exaggeration. Oh yeah, oxygen! Although she doesn’t require it normally any more, we need to have it with us in case she does.

But previously we’ve been on holiday in the UK, we could get what we needed, if not from a local hospital then from one the many friends with similarly complex children we’ve met through social media. We could sort it out fairly painlessly. Tomorrow, however, we are travelling to another country. Another country in which we don’t speak the language and have no contacts. Forgetting something would be a total pain in the arse and involve a lot of hassle, we aren’t likely to forget anything that is actually keeping her alive, such as her suction pump or her spare button, but the thought that we could is still there!

Well, the lists have been written, the stuff is packed, the items ticked off my list and all that remains is for are final list of the stuff we can’t pack until morning.

One final list!

Vitamix blender
Feed pump
Spare suction pump
Sleepform sleep system, mattress, pump, sheepskin and blanket
Tablet and charger

I think that’s it, the rest is packed. Let’s hope! Alarm set for 5 hours time, luxury!

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