Weekly Blended Diet Food Diary for 8 month old W


  • Pancake with banana : 1 small pancake (organic flour, egg, milk) with 1/2 a banana made up to 100ml with breastmilk between 8:30am – 10:30am (physio morning so breakfast in two sittings)
  • 100ml breastmilk @ 12pm
  • 50ml breastmilk @ 3pm
  • 100ml breastmilk @ 4:45pm
  • carrot, cabbage, mashed potato, butter, 70ml breastmilk @ 6:30pm
  • 100ml breastmilk @ 8:30pm-9:30pm
  • 90ml breastmilk @ midnight


Half a small banana, 1.75ml coconut oil, 1tsp cashew butter (homemade, 100% cashews), 60ml breastmilk, 10ml water (flushing), 2.5ml multivitamin

100ml breastmilk, 2ml ev olive oil

10ml brain power smoothie (kiwi, omega-3 seed mix (sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, flax), fig, coconut oil, yoghurt, cows milk)

50ml breastmilk

1tsp roast squash, 1tbsp tofu, 0.5tsp feta cheese, 70ml breastmilk

100ml breastmilk, 2ml coconut oil

90ml breastmilk, 2ml ev olive oil


100ml breastmilk, 1.5ml sesame oil, 2.5ml multivitamin @8
50ml breastmilk @11
50ml breastmilk@1
2ml ev olive oil, 100ml breastmilk @ 3.30
50ml breastmilk @ 5pm
6tsp tomato sauce (passata, peppers, onions, courgette, olive oil, garlic) made up to 100ml in breastmilk @ 6:30pm
2.5ml ev olive oil, 100ml breastmilk @ 9pm
100ml breastmilk @ midnight


1 heaped tablespoon fruity muesli with banana in 100ml breastmilk, 2.5ml multivitamin

100ml breastmilk @ 11
100ml breastmilk @ 2
1tsp beef, half small new potato, 1tbsp cabbage, 2 slices of courgette, sprinkle of cumin seeds, 70ml breastmilk
100ml bm @ 8pm
100ml bm @ 11:30pm


60ml smoothie (grapes, banana, apple, pear, cashew nut butter, coconut oil, yoghurt) with 40ml breastmilk, 2.5ml multivitamin

100ml breastmilk @ 12.30

100ml bm @ 2.45pm

1 egg yolk, 2 pieces fusilli, 1tbsp pasta sauce (roast peppers, onions, tomato, mixed herbs, garlic),


1 boiled egg yolk, wholemeal rye bread, 85ml breastmilk, 2mk coconut oil, 2.5ml multivitamin
100ml breastmilk, 1ml ev olive oil
40ml bm
Slice/slither of homemade pizza (bread base, 1tbsp tomato sauce (chopped tomato, garlic, onion), mixed pepper, mushroom, cheddar, mozzarella), perhaps 2tbsp total, 70ml bm
100ml bm, 2ml ev olive oil
100ml bm

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