Weight Anxiety as a Mama

We had a really great day at Gulliver’s yesterday on a home ed day organised by another HE Mama.

It was such a joy seeing The Boy relaxed and happy being with his new buddy, the pair of them so similar yet so different but totally getting each other. And no misunderstanding, no unpleasantness, they get each other. ❤️

Chops isn’t that big a fan of fairground rides, or hasn’t been so far, and of recent years I wouldn’t push it because I have a different fear.

Fairly sure I’ve spoken about this on here before.

In previous times, we’ve gone to get on rides that he wants to go on and I don’t want to be the one sitting on the sidelines, or he won’t go on unless I do. But being massively overweight I would look at the ride, watching others getting on and wondering if the safety bar would fit me.

Several years ago this really hit home at Camp Bestival. He wanted me to go on the Ferris wheel with him. So I did, despite not wanting to, I really don’t like that bit over the top!

Then I got in the queue and the weight Anxiety started. I’m scanning the massive crowd in front of me for anyone as big as me, following their journey to the front to see if they fit. Every single one of those larger women deposited their child on the ride and walked on through to watch from the sidelines. All of them. I’m getting sweaty now. The humiliation if the bar doesn’t go down. I’m envisaging having to walk off the ride, embarrassed with a disappointed child, all because I’m seriously overweight.

So yesterday, 4st lighter than I was back then, I climbed into the pretty tight space of the Wriggler, a caterpillar through an apple ride that I remember fondly from my childhood, without a single thought to, “will I fit” and when it was a tight squeeze, it was because it was a tight squeeze for all adults. But I flashed back to that Ferris wheel as the bar went down and went down far enough that my child wasn’t floating with loads of space between him and the bar next to me.

So if that’s you right now, approaching summer overweight and anxious about it, time to do something about it! I don’t know of many Mama’s who would choose to be heavily overweight.

I’ve done it using Herbalife this time. I started with a 30 day challenge just one year ago after seeing my lovely friend Rachel jumping around looking fabulous and looking at myself huffing and puffing everywhere, resigned to getting old…I now help other people get fit and healthy and getting older doesn’t have to mean staying unfit and becoming more and more unhealthy!

If you want to give it a go, get in touch. I’ve still got a way to go, for sure, but I’m much happier here in my size 16/18 than I was back there in my 24/26.

But if not with me and Herbalife, just get yourself moving and eat healthier. Herbalife makes it easy with 24h support, fab community support in the challenges and the products make it extra easy. And easy is key for me.

I’m not going to get all evangelical about it, that’s not my bag, I’m a believer that all of the main diet and lifestyle plans work to help you lose weight but not all encourage the exercise in quite the same way, which means the weight often goes straight back on, so whatever you decide to do, also increase your activity levels! Just get moving! Life is too short to spend it unhappy over something you could do to change it. Getting on one of these 21 day challenges helps because of the support alongside the products. They’re not for everyone, for sure, but they work for many!

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