Facebook break

Every now and again I get an overriding urge to leave Facebook for a while. Usually when I’m pissed off with stuff going on and people start annoying me. But also because I feel I share too much of my life on there sometimes.

But then I look at all the people, friends and family, that I really wouldn’t be in such close contact with were it not for Facebook. What would I miss out on? Would I find other ways of communicating or would I end up losing touch. Would it matter if I did lose touch? Surely the most important people would keep in touch through other means.

But there are people, I can think of a few, who aren’t particularly close, but whose life I like to hear about and with whom I like to share my day to day social media stuff with.

All that said, I’ve decided to have a little Facebook break. Which is why I’m here. I like to journal what we do but I feel a lack of control over my content on Facebook. So, hello again blog!

I don’t know if it will be a few days, a week, or longer, but I’ve stepped away for a little while. I haven’t removed myself, but I have removed the app from my phone but kept Messenger to make it easy to keep in touch with people who are on there.

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